I’m giving away a lot of cute things for Easter!! (^.^)
Rules :
◆ follow me
◆ reblog this post once or as many as you like
◆ follow me on instagram: marble_halls (if you have an account)
◆ Winner will be choose RANDOMLY (one item for one person)
◆ Goodluck :)))
◇◇◇◇ I ship internationally ◇◇◇◇
◇◇◇◇ Deadline : 25 APRIL ◇◇◇◇
◇◇◇◇ I will Inbox you IF YOU WIN!! ◇◇◇◇
What you can win:
◆ kawaii pink dress with a white bow
◆ a cute pink jacket
◆ a cute kitty-face bag
◆ a little hello kitty bag
◆ a cute pink top with little hearts on (Jessica Louis)
◆ a pink/black skirt
◆ a white skirt + belt
◆ a cute zebra-print longshirt
◆ a jewellery collection with necklaces, bracelets and earrings!
(All sizes are Small!)